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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If you are learning different ways to make your life better, you should be willing to try new things.

As my commitment to help others grows, 
The better I know myself, the clearer my purpose becomes...)

Increasing your personal growth is important. You will want to make your life better any way that you can.
You will want to be able to grow as a person so that you are giving your life the future that you are in need of.

If you are learning different ways to make your life better, you should be willing to try new things.
You have to make your life what you want it to be. You will want to add great things to your life when you can. By adding new things to your life, you will be giving yourself personal growth and this is something that you need to have in your life to succeed. You want to be able to grow as 
a person and go farther.

There are many ways that you can increase your personal growth and they are easy and fun.
Personal growth can come from reading and learning about new things. When you are open to this,
you are adding more to your mind. Education is something that you need to have in your life and by bringing more of it to your world; you are increasing your ability to make your life better and more special. Personal growth is something that you need to do for your own self.

Meeting new people is another way of personal growth. By meeting people you can open your horizons and getting to meet people that can add something to your life. You will be able to add more to your own environment by bringing new people into your world. 
You can have fun and see what you are missing when you are willing to meet new people and do new things with them. Traveling is something else that you can do to have fun and increase your personal growth. 

You will see that traveling the world is a great experience that you can do to broaden your horizons.
You will want to go to different places that are going to make your world better.
You will want to be able to travel to new and fun places and get more out of the environment.
This is something that will add to your mind and bring you more interest in life and what it has to bring for you.

Your career is another way for you to grow. You can use your career as something that make you want to achieve more goals and do more in life. With your career, you are always searching for new ways to make your life more successful and to make more money.
With the right career, you are going to make your life more interesting and something that you can be proud of in life. Family is something else that will help you grow as a person. You will want your family to help you with your life experiences. 
You want to share your memories and your life with them. 
Family is always going to be a part of your life and you want them to help you be a better person and increase your personal growth. use this as a way to get to know them and how they feel. You will see that this can be a very special way of boding with your family and making them a part of your world.

Increasing your personal growth is something that you will do every day.
You may not realize it, but everything that you do will have an affect on what you do in life and who you become. You will see that personal growth is something that you will want to do
as much as you can so that you are a better and more interesting person.
Spend time with them and enjoy the life...
Some of the best opportunities are made, not found. 

Several of you have asked me where I have taken these pictures, it's design from Stavanger, Suldal - Fana (Bergen), Sirdalen and Gilja. I love the beautiful scenery we have in Norway.

Varios de ustedes me han preguntado dónde me he tomado estas fotos, su diseño de Stavanger, Suldal - Fana (Bergen), Sirdalen y Gilja. Me encanta el hermoso paisaje que tenemos en Noruega.

Plusieurs d'entre vous m'ont demandé où j'ai pris ces photos, c'est la conception de Stavanger Suldal - Fana (Bergen)Sirdalen et Gilja. J'aime la beauté des paysages que nous avons en Norvège.


Noura Kchaw said...

Everybody wants to be successful. Nobody wants face failure and live below their standards

Annonces Gratuites said...

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Candy A Gallardo said...

Your perspective is the key towards your way of perceiving information. Your perspective can demoralize you or motivate you, it can get you the results you want or even snatch the opportunities from you.

Abdhalla Dhouha said...

I lov ya my lady! A worth read

Emna Messelmani said...

A good perspective and a helping character will make you feel awesome emotionally. This will reduce stress and ultimately leave an impact over your performance and productivity.

Bardi Imen said...

Good post, maybe you want to write a little about what to Do When You Feel Unmotivated.

nadia maaoui said...

the conclusion is that avoid negativity around you and focus on things that inspires and motivates you.

May Esquivel Flores said...

Hi Solcarina, As usual I love your posts.

marwa ben hammouda said...

It’s in reality a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

amel bouabid said...

Fantastic post Solcarina! I love ya style !

marwa sahraoui said...

I am lucky to have found this blog. I am new here .I'd like to read more about your blog which seems really helpful to me.

Marc Dubois said...

amazing article, fantastic

Rick Hollinger said...

Awesome women, I love your posts.

Sérgio Lopes said...

Very interesting post indeed. thanks for sharing such powerful ways to dramatically increase our personal growth.

Mario Sholli said...

The people that focus on their personal growth are more successful and happy. They see more success in their life, they get more done, and they enjoy life more.

Alessandra Ancuta said...

Life is full of ups and down hence setting a goal and giving your best shot to achieve it is really essential

Jimmy Roinard said...

I have been involved in self growth since I was a teenager. I have a long way to go, but the improvements in every area of my life are unmistakable.

Jouja Cristian Lay Tunez said...

nice post, I like it.please post more articles. Thanks

Rodrigo Perez said...

We can improve the personal growth to devote towards time and time management. We always need to set life or carrier goal to see and follow the goal towards the success.

Lisa Marie Kapusta said...

powerful ways to dramatically increase your personal growth.

Marika Kupcsik said...

When you start growing as a person, amazing things begin to occur. When you make your internal life better, your external life follows suit.

Kewin Bartoszek said...

The more you can invest in yourself, the more rewards you will see in your life

Tommy Phung said...

One of the most important steps you can take is to set goals. And not just any goals, your goals have to be specific, measurable, and realistic. Goals give your subconscious mind something to aim at. When you set goals, you will almost automatically start getting new ideas and make faster progress.

Daniel Alonzo said...

You cannot grow if you do not face your fears. Most people avoid their fears as much as possible, which isn’t going to give them anything except a life full of regrets.

Vincent Castillo said...

The more you can focus on high value tasks and areas of your life, the better.

Anonymous said...

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solcarina said...
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solcarina said...

Thank`s a lot, for comment`s on my blog.
I will soon be back and give a replay...))to all of yOu.

Sending lots of LOVE and Light.

solcarina said...

Oh well ... everyone makes a mistake or more before we achieve large success, we usually have to learn from our mistakes. I do not feel it`s a shame - it is the school of life that we all need to know. We fail and learn from our mistakes throughout life.
Thank you...)
Sending lots of Joy.

solcarina said...

Yes, we can learn so many things. "Focus"

Thank`s a lot...)

I wish you a wonderful week.

solcarina said...
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solcarina said...

Thank you Abdahally...)

I whish you a wonderful week.

Sorry for late replay.

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Hi there Emana,

Yes, it will.

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I wish you a lovely evening.

solcarina said...

Thank you Bardi,

Yes, of course I will do that.

Sending lots of Joy.

solcarina said...

All information provided is interpreted differently by humans, so we should think and consider whether it is positive or negative for us. It is good that we are alert for all the information we receive.For the life is truly a complex and multifaceted occurrence that can be rich with rewarding experiences- emotions.

Thank you for comment on my blog- I really appreciate it.

Sending lots of Joy.

solcarina said...

Hi there May and Marwa,

Thank`s a lot for comment`s on my article, I appreciate it.

Have fun and a lovely week...)

solcarina said...

Hi Amel,

Thank`s a lot,
Yes I like your blog and style to...))

Sending lots of good energy...

I wondering what color do you want me to send you??hehe...))Jajaja...I know.

solcarina said...

Hi there Marwa...)

Thank you, so nice.

Sending lots of love...and light.

solcarina said...

Hi Marc and Rick,

Yes, Your future life looks pretty fantastic...right?
Thank`s for comment.

Sending lots of JOY...)

solcarina said...

Hi Sèrgìo,

Yes, life is a constant process of evolving and growingexperiencing and learning.
One of the most important principles in creating a life with balance is creating your own unique spiritual connection that reflects your core beliefs and lifestyle...
Sending love and light.

solcarina said...

Hi Mario,

Yes, I`m so agree with you-...)

Thank`s a lot for your comment.

Sending love and light.

Sorry for late replay.

Anonymous said...

He esperamos con interés su artículo de este mes, nos encanta tu blog. Todo el mundo entiende su estado de cuenta. Quiero leer más de usted. Gracias.

solcarina said...

Yo deseo a usted ya su familia un hermoso día de fiesta de Navidad. Gracias por compartir tus hermosas fotos y sus historias emocionantes conmigo para usted. El envío de usted un montón de buena energía y buenos abrazos.

solcarina said...

I really appreciate Your comment`
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I will also say thank YOU to; Jimmy,
Jouja. I`m so glad you both follow me.

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solcarina said...

Hi Rodrigo,

So true...)

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solcarina said...

Thank`s a lot Lisa and Maria...)

I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas holiday.

Sending lots of Love and Light.

solcarina said...

Thank`s for comments;

Kevin and Tommy...and You have so right Tommy. Go for it and have Focus.

I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas holiday.

Sending Love and Joy.

solcarina said...

Thank you so much Daniel and Vinchent. I really appreciate your comments on my article.

I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas holiday.

Sending lots of Joy...))

solcarina said...

I wish all of YOU;

A Merry Christmas...)

Sending Love- Light- Beauty and Joy

ATENEA said...

Felices Fiestas !!!
Abrazos !!!

solcarina said...

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